Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Just when things were looking up for Christian Johnson-Banks, a tragedy occurs, driving her to the brink of insanity. Faced with thoughts of not only ending her marriage to Kory Banks, but also ending her life, Christian desperately attempts to regain some normalcy and recapture the happiness she once knew and loved. Is it within her reach or beyond her grasp?

Marcella Japs, the perfect wife with a not-so-perfect husband, is determined to make her marriage work, despite her husband Lance's past infidelities. Question is, even with counseling sessions, is the damage repairable?

Karen Whitman, the black sheep of the family, struggles with her overwhelming sense of guilt for her feelings of being responsible for the Banks family's current misery. She deals with constant feelings of depression, desperation, and shame that push her further away from the ones she loves. Is there any coming back from the black hole in which she has cast herself?

The sequel to That's How I Like It draws you into the personal lives of Christian Johnson-Banks, Kory Banks, Marcella Japs, and Karen Whitman as they continue to fight the trials and tribulations life throws their way.
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