Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do you know who you are?

As we end 2011 and begin a New Year, I’m sure most people have thought about, planned or put into motion something they would like to change or improve in their life going into the New Year. It may be personal accomplishments like finishing or starting school, releasing people in their life, family relationships, personal relationships, job, financial situation, faith and so on.

I was watching a television show and two females were talking and one of the females asked the other one “Do you know who you are?” When she poised the question, she was asking because the female was in trouble with the law. It did not surprise me when the female answered back “No.”  No she doesn’t know who she is because she’s probably lived majority of her life trying to please other people that at this stage in her life she's so lost in other people that now she doesn’t know who she is or what she wants from life.  This happens when you live your life as a follower and not a leader who makes their own decisions.

It’s sad because she’s not the only person to have “no” as their answer. How can improvements or changes be made in our lives if as a person WE don’t know who you’re changing for? No one will ever know or be completely satisfied with who they are because as humans we are forever changing and looking for improvements but we have to have a foundation to build from.

When God calls me home, I want people to know who I am , I want to have made a difference in peoples lives but I know I first have to start with my life. I can honestly say that right now I’m okay with the direction that Kamel Bey a.k.a Makenzi is going. On top of the obvious, daughter, sister, aunt, friend…ect. I’m an author who writes stories to entertain but also improve people’s lives. I’m an educated female who uses my life experiences to enhance other people’s lives; respectful to myself and to other people, I carry myself in a respectful manner and I do not allow other people to disrespect me physically, mentally or verbally. Loyal and committed once I commit myself to a person or a situation I stick with the situation until its course ends. I’m a listener and communicator, the information I provide may not be what you like but I will never give bad advice that will end up harming a person. Child of GOD, forgiver, I can’t expect people to forgive me for my mistakes if I’m not willing to forgive others. Educator.  I make people laugh and sometimes cry, realist, confidant, leader but know when to step back and follow. I have a direction with my life that will allow me to “know who I am.”

To honestly move forward with your life you have to search within and pull out YOU.  Be happy with whom you are and if you’re not satisfied with the YOU, then make improvements to become a better YOU.

Happy New Year

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