Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jay-Z lyrics are being taught at Georgetown University

Professor Michael Eric Dyson of Georgetown University is using Jay-Z lyrics to teach students about race, gender and poverty. Now I read Jay-Z's book Decoded and was very impressed, I actually learned information about Jay-Z that I never knew. Especially about his childhood, how he actually became a rapper, breaking down his song lyrics and so on.  I don't know Jay-Z personally (never met him) but from what I witnessed in the media and the way he carries himself I have a lot of respect for him. "They" say Sean Carter’s lyrics have no place in an educational institution like Georgetown but who has the right to say that students wouldn't be interested in analyzing his song lyrics. This type of thought process is why this world is the way it is today, people are always placing boundaries around certain issues and allowing society to dictate what should be. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and even though I come from an urban community and have a somewhat understanding of what Jay-Z raps about, I still would have taken a class of this nature when I was in college to obtain Jay-Z's viewpoint on life through his lyrics. I think the students at Georgetown University would benefit from this course, it would allow them to have a better understanding of the struggles that alot of the black men and women in the urban community experience. Majority of the students at Georgetown University experiences with African-Americans living in poverty probably comes from the negativity of media outlets. So why not provide them a outlet to show them how an individual rose from poverty to billionaire.


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