Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Young Mom Kills 3-Month-Old Son

Today I read a post about a 20 year old woman who killed her 3 Month Old Son (90 days out of the womb). Now I'm not a mother so I've never felt the joy of having a baby grow inside of my stomach. I've heard so many wonderful stories and I've been told that the mother and baby bond during this time.

Toyrianna Smith, the mother had to be experiencing postpartum depression for her to kill her son because there is no other excuse besides her being mentally ill that would make her commit such a horrific act . Her son was dead for fourteen hours before anyone found out about it. She takes her 3 year old daughter and 3 month old son to her friends house to get drunk, party and get her hair done (hair done???? Not according to this picture). The baby starts crying in the middle of the night and this drunk broad repeatedly slaps the baby and puts a blanket over his face. I'm getting upset just writing this. So the baby starts crying again and once again she repeatedly slaps him but this time she takes it further until his arms start jerking and he stops crying. (I'm sure he wasn't crying anymore Toyrianna, because you just killed your child).

So the next day, the same friends who probably was drinking and partying with her asked her why the baby wasn't moving and this broad lies and says he's sleep. This was her opportunity to fess up but she doesn't do that, she dresses the baby and takes the dead infant shopping with her for several hours......THAT IS SOME SICK SHIT!!!!!!  Her friends wasn't smart enough to notice that the baby was no longer alive but a neighbor noticed blood on the babies blanket and called the police (thank you neighbor). The death was ruled a homicide by suffocation and an autopsy estimated the child was dead for up to 14 hours. Smith allegedly confessed to the murder and demonstrated for police how she struck and suffocated the child.

No I don't know what stressful events could have led up to killing her child because partying and drinking never made me want to kill someone and damn sure not the life of your own child. She could have given him to one of her family member's, the father, one of his family member's, one of her friends or social services until she was able to get her self together. I think this was a very selfish act on her part. That child never had a chance at life, there are many people who would love to have kids and God granted her with an opportunity and she took that child's life away from him.


Fellas please believe any and ever time you sleep with a young lady she can potentially be your child's mother....condoms break and a lot of times some of you don't strap up....you have the right to choose who you sleep with so don't complain when you get a random chick pregnant you barely know and say she is crazy and vindictive, or you don't want to deal with the child because of the mother ways..USE YOUR BRAIN, BE WISE, BE SAFE, BE SMART. (Monique Yesenia)

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