Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Someone once told me that they did not know how to be a friend, so being a GREAT friend can't even be an option for that person. I consider myself a great friend, I have friendships that go back twenty-six plus years. I'm even Facebook friends with my childhood best friends. Being a good friend in my opinion has a lot to do with your values and morals, there can't be any jealousy or it can't be a true friendship. 
Most of your friends will have something in common with you, you may not always agree on everything but a true friend not an associate but a true friend will understand. I have family members that I consider my best friends. I will give my last to my friends, I will drive cross country for my friends and even though we may not talk everyday or even every month we have the bound and the foundation that will never break.True friends want you to be happy at all cost and true friendships are not one sided.
We all have busy lives but I still manage to make time for my friends whether it's keeping in touch through email, Facebook, texting or phone calls. I support my friends in their decisions it could be a few words of encouragement to build up their ego, or standing by them when they make life-changing decisions. While I might not always agree with the things they are doing, I support them all the same. When they need a shoulder to cry on or somebody to celebrate with, I'm there right by their side.When my friends ask for my opinion, I give it honestly.
When I need them, they might not always tell me what I want to hear, but they will be honest with me. Call to check up on me, tell me when I wrong and give concrete advise. They always have my back, their honesty will always help build me up rather than knock me down.

I want to say thank you to all my friends, I truly appreciate you


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