Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rebound Relationships

Can a rebound relationship work? You’ve just gone through a terrible breakup, you hit the clubs, search Facebook, online dating services or other online social media's. You meet someone new and suddenly you’re lusting each other, instantly “in love”.  You’re in the rebound phase. A rebound relationship is one where you are still affected by your previous relationship. Focusing on what could have been, what went wrong, wondering if you did the right thing in splitting up. You spend time focusing on the old relationship because you have unanswered questions, you still hurt from some of the experiences you went through, because you haven’t taken the time that your mind and your heart needs to work through the painful emotions you’re still feeling.

Rebounds often seem magical, a wonderful cure for a bad breakup. After some hard times and lonely nights, you feel wanted again, your having wonderful sex and someone to give you the needed attention that you are seeking, seems like a breath of fresh air. In a rebound relationship, because you're feeling more vulnerable than ever, and more eager to regain the love you were once receiving, you’re more likely to over commit.

Do rebounds ever work out as serious, long-term relationships, or are they always doomed to a quick nasty end? My personal opinion is that rebound relationships do not work out. The relationship will last just long enough for you to get over your previous relationship. The reason I say this is because most rebound relationships are built to cover-up the hurt and fill voids that you felt from the previous relationship that ended whether it was your fault or not. Once you go through the healing process and overcome the hurt of the past relationship then the void you were once looking to fill will no longer be needed and that's when the rebound relationship falls apart.  So take it slow

Rebound relationships will ALWAYS be in existence and should only be looked at as a short term situation. Every relationship I've been in that ended, I've given myself time to heal before looking to start a new relationship. If healing is not done then all your doing is taking old baggage from relationship to relationship without knowing what your expecting or wanting out of a relationship; on top of not being able to bring growth and positive energy to a new relationship.  

Good luck and remember that REAL LOVE does exist.

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