Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Trailers

Steps To Build A Successful Book Trailer

Do you believe that you have a great book but you just cannot get your work known? Millions readers surf the internet daily looking for a great read to download.
Because Society has gone digital the way an author will find success in promoting and selling their publication is by building book trailers to market their books.
However often times because of limited time the most successful book trailers are usually short, from 30 seconds to definitely less than three minutes the trailer should be full of graphics that will catch the visual eye.
By creating a book trailer the author is adding a visual affect to a written book the reader reacts to your book as if it were a movie.
As a reader we are reading to relax and visualize in our mind a compelling story that interest us. By having a movie trailer the reader has already started building the visual affect in their mind.
In this day and time many people are visual they would rather feel the excitement of a book unfolding before their eyes. A trailer intrigues the reader to the content of the book.
To have a successful Book trailer it must be compelling, interesting, spend the time to build your trailer to be full of humor and thrill seeking surprises.
The good news is that book trailers are easier to distribute and more entertaining to potential readers than, say, sending out sample chapters or a synopsis. In fact, this ease and entertainment factor is likely the key as to why book trailers have become so popular.
When building your book trailer carefully consider the criteria and content before creating a book trailer. After all, many other book promotion tools exist, from blogs to bookstore signings to speaking engagements. But if you can create a book trailer cheaply, with quality, and make others aware of it then you have beat the old traditional way of book advertisements.
If you are a self publisher then your time is consumed with many other obligations so let your advertisement be spread by campaigns of trailers. By writing a blog about your book and then adding a book trailer to it the author has enhanced his/her visibility to their work by linking your book trailer to twitter, face books, you tube and the other various free networking site the author has just made themselves visible to potentially thousands of readers.
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