Monday, April 30, 2012

Short Story By Mike O

Trapped in the Trunk
By: Mikeo

Starting to regain consciousness, my eye lids cracked open a little only to see darkness. My hands were duct taped behind my back and my feet were bound also. Curled up in the fetal position, my head was killing me, and dried blood on my lashes made it that much harder for me to open my eyes just to not see anything. The stench of the fresh blood still pouring from the left side of my head singed my nose hairs, with the hint of new car smell, and the sound of wheels turning on the pavement let me know I was in a bad predicament. The last thing I remember was stepping outside the car to take a piss, and now I’m here, tied up in the trunk of some strangers’ car. “How the fuck did I end up in the trunk? “ I asked myself, and then it all became clear.

She walked in the club, turning heads left and right, but the way she sashayed those hips to the bar made me tell myself, “I’m waking up beside her with my boxers on the floor.”  She was a cherry red complexion, with curves dangerous enough to crash at the slightest turn. Her shoe game was on point, Jimmy Choo on would be my guess on the heels noticing the red bottoms , and the black leggings that hugged the size 7 bottom frame was anybodies guess on what the label inside would read. The black baby tee read ‘BeBe’ in white letters stretched across a pair 34 D’s that bounced nicely as her heels tip toed towards me. I had to say something.

“Hey, how you doing? Before I even get started on asking you your name, can I interest you in a drink?”  I asked pointing towards the bar, hinting that seat beside me should be occupied by her.

“I’m good. Sure I could go for a drink. Is anybody sitting here?”

“It is now,” I swiveled the black leather bar stool her way so she could have a seat.

The way she smelled hinted that she splashed Armani on herself before she walked out the house. Her hair was long, silky, and jet black draping down her back at least 6” past her shoulder blades.  Her teeth were immaculate, shining a bright white and all straight as she smiled while resting her body in the seat beside me.

“So what you drinking on,” I asked, but quickly added, “Oh, I didn’t happen to catch your name.”

“Princess, and I’ll have a shot of Patron and a Heineken.”

“Bartender! Can you get me a double shot of Patron, a Heineken, and another Grey Goose and Pineapple,” I said to pretty lady behind the bar leaning in so she could get my order straight.

“Princess huh?” I asked bringing my attention back to the lovely lady seated next to me.
Now that name was familiar to me for some reason, but the beautiful almond pupils I stared into let me know I never laid eyes on this sexy beast beside me. But why did I know her name?

“Yeah, and your name is?”

“Mike O, or you can just call me Mike for short.”

“Mike O? What does the O stand for?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged, “my partners started calling me that a few years back and I guess it just stuck with me. So were you from Princess?”

“I’m from NY. I been here for a couple of years though,” She answered back.

I knew she wasn’t from this shitty little country town, and her accent when she first opened her mouth let me know she was from up top. NY girls’ accents drive me wild, and my dick was begging me to keep talking my way into her panties, if she even had any on.

“Word, that’s wassup. I’m from here, but I’m not like these other niggas around here. I be about my paper.”

“Oh yeah,” she seemed to perk up with interest, “What is that you do?”

“I’m a contractor,” I lied, but I didn’t lie.

I really am a contractor, but that’s not all I do. I couldn’t just be telling her I moved cocaine from state to state, Interstate Trafficking. I had to keep all that to myself, or so I thought 

“Damn, did she know who I was before she even came in the bar? I asked myself snapping back to reality realizing I’m still in a trunk. I had to keep thinking to make sense of the situation, so I drifted back off.

“So how about we get up out of here, and go grab a late night breakfast at Ihop?” I asked her after conversing with her all night in the club not paying anybody else any attention.

“Sure why not. I stay right around the corner. Can you follow me to my house so I can drop my car off?” She asked placing her freshly manicured hands on my chest as we stood in the parking lot next to our vehicles.

“Yeah I can do that,” I answered hitting the security alarm on the sleek all black BMW 745, sitting on 22” chrome wheels that was stagnant in the parking lot waiting on daddy to come out.

“That’s a nice car,” she replied getting into the candy red Nissan Maxima beside me.

“Thanks, I appreciate that, I’m following you!” I yelled out over the top of the car and hopped inside and cranked by baby up.

The music immediately started cranking through the speakers with Jeezy yelling in the speakers, “Trap or die nigga!” as the bass dropped, and I put the car in reverse to follow Princess to her crib. She didn’t drive fast, and made sure she stopped at every light so she wouldn’t lose me. The whole ride I was thinking, “Damn I’m gone get this sexy muthafucka back to the player pad after we finish eating.”

We pulled on to her street, which was a dead end street ducked off in a neighborhood I really wasn’t comfortable being in, but the 40 cal under the seat dared a nigga to run up and try me. She pulled into her driveway, and I sat outside on the street.

“I’m coming! Give me a second,” she called out strutting towards the front door.

“Aye can I piss real quick?” I rolled my window down trying to ask, but she disappeared into the house as quickly as she hopped out the car.

Damn, I got to piss. Let me run over here in these bushes real quick and piss,” I said to myself, and hopped out the car, leaving the gun sitting in the car.

I was bopping my head to the music playing with my door open, as I whipped my dick out to take a piss. The feeling felt so good relieving myself, I leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and now I’m inside this trunk reeking of piss. The more I looked around as my eyes starting to settle in the dark, I realized, “I’m in the trunk of my own car.”

The movement of the car finally stopped, the brakes squeaked as the car came to a halt, and the engine died. I heard a door close, and my heart began racing anticipating what was in store for me. I heard the key slide in the key hole, and as it turned and released the latch, the trunk flew open. I was inside a basement, and the light blinded me as the chocolate bald headed figure reached in to grab me, and pull me out the trunk.

“Come on here nigga, let me get you situated real quick,” The voice called out to me and I knew that Karma was fucking me good right here, right now.

When my vision returned, I looked into the face of the man standing over me after he dropped me on the ground shutting the trunk behind me. It was him.

Damn, I knew this nigga was gone catch up to me one day. I ride around strapped to stay out of situations like this, and this nigga caught me slipping. Now I know where I remember Princess from. That was the bitch that my nigga tied up in the other room while I had this nigga at gunpoint removing brick after brick out of his safe, then knocked his ass out and bounced. I knew I should have killed that nigga when I had the chance. Now this nigga got my life in his hands, and I know I’m not bout to make it out of this shit. I should have known better than to trust a big butt and smile. That bitch was poison and I let her bait me into this shit. FUCK,” I thought as I finally realized what the fuck I was doing tied up in the trunk….

By: Mike O

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