Saturday, June 9, 2012

What makes a successful Bestselling Author

Nine Characteristics That May Surprise You By Dee Power

1. Perseverance Is Key

Nearly all best-selling authors faced the same struggles early in their careers that less successful, even unpublished authors face. Immediate success is rare. One distinction of best-selling authors is that they do not get as discouraged by lack of early success. They persevere. Their desire to succeed is enormous. Best-selling authors often have to demonstrate the patience and stamina to write a number of books before achieving notable success.

2. They Write, and Write and Write.

The productivity, the writing output, of best-selling authors is much greater than the average writer's. They have the discipline to get up each day and produce high quality work. They don't wait for the muse to tap them on the shoulder.

3. They Like To Write and Write and Write

They would rather write than do anything else. It's not just that successful authors are more disciplined, though that is part of it; they simply enjoy writing more than other writers do. Many aspiring authors enjoy the idea of writing, not the hard work itself. Best-selling authors seem to thrive on the hard work, and they work much harder than we might suppose.

4. Promotion Is Constant

Best-selling authors never stop promoting their books, no matter how successful they get. Many still market at the grassroots level, not just through national TV or radio interviews. They take the time to visit and meet individual bookstore managers at both chain stores and independents. They never relax and believe they have "made it."

5. Marketing Is Critical

Even if they have never taken a business course in college, they have an innate sense of marketing concepts such as brand building and product differentiation. They closely watch trends in the literary marketplace. They understand what it is about their books that readers respond favorably to. They take a strategic approach to their careers and they realize that much more goes into being a successful author than the writing itself.

6. Fans Are an Important Asset

Best-selling authors listen closely to what their readers say, and try very hard to meet or exceed their fans' expectations, but they do not necessarily pay close attention to what reviewers or book critics say. They don't even necessarily expect good reviews. Word of mouth support from readers and booksellers is more important to them than reviews.

7. The More Success the More Pressure

Best-selling authors face more pressure as they get more successful. As they rise to the top, there are increasing demands on their time. Top authors lead three very different lives. First, the quiet, solitary, scholarly life of being a writer. Then participating in the team effort within the publishing house to make the book the best book it can be. This involves learning how to take advice from and collaborate with the professionals within the publishing house. Finally, authors must participate in the very public life of trying to sell books to the mass audience. They have to master all three lives if they intend to continue to achieve best-seller status.

8. They're Grateful

Best-selling authors are keenly aware how fortunate they are to have arrived at the top of their profession. They sincerely appreciate their loyal readers. They recognize that they have been chosen to receive a strikingly rare, special distinction by a bustling, competitive marketplace. The success, fame, and financial rewards that have come to them are often beyond the most extravagant dreams they had when they first sat down to write a book.

9. There Is No Single Profile for A Best-selling Author

Best-selling authors are seldom the top graduates from prestigious university writing programs. Writing may have been a second or third career for them, and the publishing industry values authors who bring life experience to their work, in fiction or nonfiction. Best-selling authors span all age groups, many different professions, and varied educational backgrounds. There is no single profile for what a best-selling author looks like.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Unexpected Truth Prologue

    Where Phoenix lived people didn’t dream of becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers or professional athletes. The people in her neighborhood dreamt about making it to the next day alive. Phoenix experienced a lot of bad times during her childhood years, and learned that even though there were areas in her life that needed improvement, it didn’t mean she was a failure. Every day, Phoenix was told by men how beautiful she was, yet she knew she was not a movie star or model. She was just your average girl who grew up in the ghetto. Looks weren’t everything. The outer surface told only a part of Phoenix’s story. What lied beneath was what really mattered.
Today, Phoenix’s life will change. The past few months had been rough for her, not knowing what her future held. She was unsure how to handle what had been happening in her life. This was the day that she had anxiously been dreading, her meeting at the Cuyahoga County Court at 9:00 a.m., court room 18-A. For court, Phoenix searched her closet for the perfect attire: a black Calvin Klein pant suit, a pink shirt and a pair of black BCBG pumps.
In the townhouse where she’d been residing for the last three years, Phoenix stepped out of the hot steaming shower, wrapped her wet hair in a towel turban, and slipped on her plush terrycloth bathrobe. She stood at the double-sink vanity, and wiped her hand across the mirror so she could peer at her reflection. She was mentally in pain. Butterflies grew in her stomach as she looked into the mirror, hoping to see the image of the person that was no longer inside her. Phoenix wanted to cry, but she knew she had a long road ahead of her and crying wouldn’t change the situation. She crossed the line. The damage was done.
“I’m going to get over this hurdle in my life,” Phoenix spoke to the image that looked her straight in her eyes with a worried expression on her face. As Phoenix stood in the bathroom, she also thought about a meeting she had a few weeks ago with her attorney Anthony Lombardi.
“Tell me straight up, am I going to jail?” Phoenix had nervously asked as she glanced around Mr. Lombardi’s office trying to avoid eye contact.
“Oh yeah, for sure,” her lawyer had responded. “But for how long, that I don’t know. That’s up to the judge to decide. That’s why it’s very important that you make a great impression on the judge.”
For a split second, the thought had entered into Phoenix’s head—illegally leave the country and start a new life. She wasn’t looking forward to the flavorless food, waking up early in the morning, and sitting around all day. She was not the type of person who enjoyed sitting around doing nothing. She was a mover and shaker. She knew if she left town or the country, the police and the bail bondsmen would be looking for her. Plus, she would constantly have to look over her shoulder while on the run. However, the main reason she could not and would not leave was because she just couldn’t leave her friends and family behind, especially since they had put the collateral up on her bond.
Phoenix took a deep breath as she covered her face. Swallowing hard, she tried to hold back her tears, but inside, she was crying like a baby.
“Are you okay, Phoenix?” her attorney had asked. Phoenix did not respond; instead, she looked up at her attorney as tears started rolling down her face.
      Phoenix shuffled out of her attorney’s office with her head held down. She felt hopeless and helpless thinking about the information her attorney had just given her. As she sat in her car, she had screamed out loud “How did I let myself get in this shit?”