Friday, August 3, 2012


Yesterday marked the 9th year that my cousin Christopher passed away. Even though yesterday was the day he passed today was the day I will never forget. Today was the day I received a phone call that will be forever etched in my mind, heart and soul. I was in Philadelphia, spending the weekend with a so-called friend celebrating her bachlorette party, the start of her new life, when in fact in Florida the life of another newlywed couple was ending. We had been out the night before parting and drinking, enjoying ourselves, living life. I was awaken the next morning by a piercing ring, I could not for the life of me, figure out what this sound was or where the sound was coming from. Let me remind you again I had been out partying and drinking the night before so my mind was not focused at that moment.

When I was able to gain control of the situation and realize that the piercing sound was the roaming feature on my cell phone, I quickly answered not expecting or prepared for what was about to be said to me.(my cousin) "Kay, Chris is dead"  (me) "What"   (my cousin) "Chris is dead"..... I was speechless, was this a joke, hell NO, it's not, I don't think there is a human being walking who is that cruel to make up a story about their husband being dead. I jumped out the bed, not sure of my surroundings because I was currently sleeping in a foreign place, a entire state away from my home in Cleveland Ohio.  I can't tell you what was said after that point but all I remember saying is "I'm on my way"....I woke everyone up in that house, I had to get out of there. I didn't care what the plane ticket would cost me, my cousin was experiencing something very traumatic and I was not about to allow her to go through this alone.

It took me pretty much all day to travel from Philadelphia to Pensacola, Florida, it was a Saturday so there was limited flights landing into Pensacola but I was determined to get there. A lot of the details are foggy to me but I remember sitting in several airports waiting as a standby alone crying. I couldn't call anyone because on top of everything, my cell phone had no battery life (damn). I remember sitting in a corner staring off into space trying to put some type of understanding on what was happening but I couldn't, Chris was no longer with us. A church group was sitting in the same waiting area as I and a few of them came over to comfort me and pray with me.  The ticket counter probably was so tired of listening to me cry, he kept looking over at me and eventually he called me up to the counter and advised me he had a open seat for me. First Class!!!!

When I boarded the plane I remember sitting next to this white guy who told me he was a rapper and that his grandmother had recently passed away and he was on his way to Florida to attend her funeral. we exchanged stories all the way to Pensacola. Once I arrived to Pensacola my cousin picked me up in this swooped up car,  I never questioned or asked whose car it was, I just hoped in and we drove off.  There was a lot of silence, I know neither one of us knew exactly what to say or how to say it.

After being in Pensacola for about 4 days helping my cousin and both of their moms, finalize everything to have Chris shipped back to Cleveland. I traveled back to Cleveland a few hours before my cousin because she wanted to fly on the same flight that the Military was shipping her husband on. I will not continue with events that happened but just know that life is very precious. My cousin never knew when her husband left out the door to hang out with his friends, that would be the last time they would lock eyes on each other.    LIVE LOVE LAUGH

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