Thursday, February 7, 2013


                    Drama in fiction is created through:

         *Bullet*A powerful story premise.The premise is the most important item for drama because it serves as the seed idea or the conception of a story. When the premise is precise, the plot opens up to the writer. 

         *Bullet*Unique characters drawn with enough details for carrying the premise on their shoulders and strong character motivation. Unique primary characters that are very different from each other also create drama through their different traits and the different ways they act in a given situation.

         *Bullet*A great conflict that leads to exciting action. For the sake of drama, the two sides of the conflict have to cling to their opposing standpoints as if it were the last thing for them to do, so what is at stake for the two (or more) sides and the knowledge available to them for their attitudes can create suspense.

         *Bullet*Suspense results from the fear or the expectancy of something happening or the anxiety due to withheld information either from the characters or from the reader. If the reader likes a character and sides with him, the fear of something nasty happening to him heightens the feeling of suspense. When vital information is delivered partly or when it is withheld also adds to the suspense of the story. Sometimes, the reader knows that information before the character and is excited or fearful for the character’s discovering it. At other times, the reader is left in the dark, until the character makes it known that he had that very important information all along.

         *Bullet*Action creates drama, even or escalating pace that doesn’t allow the feeling of momentum to be lost. Measured pace, which is the momentum or the tempo of the action, adds even more drama. In most genre novels, pace quickens toward the end until the climax; then, it tapers down. By the same token, from midpoint to the climax, sentences and chapters may become shorter and more action-filled. This energizes the story and keeps the reader glued to the page.
*Placing drama in a novel with always capture a readers attention*

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