Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Five Facebook Page Timeline Promotion Best Practices via Rafflecopter

Five Facebook Page Timeline Promotion Best Practices

1. Don’t Ignore Terms & Conditions

Even though it’s no longer required to use a 3rd party app to run a promotion on Facebook, as the Facebook page administrator, it’s still up to you to manage the legal aspects of your giveaway. That includes your promotion’s rules & eligibility requirements, terms & conditions, and a complete release of Facebook.
To fall in compliance, link to your promotion’s term and conditions directly from your status update. Being transparent with your participants should be important to you.

2. Make Your Post Visible

There are several steps you can take to get your Facebook timeline giveaway more visibility.
  • Well-written ad copy. Keep your status update short & memorable. Include a clear call-to-action. Let your entrants know how they can enter and what they’re eligible to win.
  • Hashtags. Including relevant hashtags in your promotion post might bring your post additional eyeballs to your #giveaway.
  • Get visual. Upload an image with your timeline post. Include an image of the prize or a designed post image that gets folks excited about your promotion.
  • Embeddable posts. If you’re running your promotion alongside a product release, consider embedding your Facebook status update into a blog post for additional visibility.
  • Promoted posts. Put some money towards your post for some extra oomph — you’ll never know how effective it might be until you try. For more information surrounding promoted posts, visit Facebook’s Promoted Post FAQs.
Using the visibility suggestions above, run several giveaways a month to get a feel for what works best for you.

3. One Day Only — Keep Your Promotion Short

Using a status update to run a giveaway is perfect if you’re looking to give back to your community in bite-sized ways. Give out some swag, some stickers, maybe some invite codes to your product.
Running a giveaway on your timeline that lasts longer than 24 hours might not bring you the return you might expect. Due to Facebook’s EdgeRank, the Facebook post you created earlier in the week will get very low visibility in your follower’s news feeds.

4. Like, Comment, & Share

We realize you were taught to share growing up, but asking entrants to share the promotion on their personal timeline or on a friend’s timeline as a means of entry isn’t allowed. Your giveaway must take place on your Facebook page, not your Facebook personal profile.
Because these new guidelines are still in its infancy, it’s difficult to say if Facebook will be more strict with their guidelines now they’re more intuitive in relation to the previous promotion guidelines. Time will tell how strict Facebook is with monitoring these rules.

5. Contact Your Winners Efficiently

Per the new Facebook promotion guidelines, Facebook now allows you to contact giveaway winners through a message. This is great because you don’t need to collect participants’ email addresses for timeline promotions, but when it comes time to contacting winners, if the entrant isn’t connected to you on Facebook, the message you send them will be placed in their ‘other’ messages folder.
You might consider trying to contact winners of the giveaway not just through a Facebook message, but by tagging the winners chosen in the comments section of the original Facebook promotion timeline post. Hopefully between being messaged and tagged, your winners will be able to respond to claim their prize.



Blog written by  by Greg Goodson

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