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Book Buzz by Deatri King-Bey

Book Buzz by Deatri King-Bey

How do you get people talking about and wanting your book before it’s released? If you’re a multi-published author with a track record of releasing high quality reads, it’s easier because you’ve already built your brand. What about new authors? What about those authors who may not be as new to the game but need a little boost? I think we could all use a refresher on building book buzz every now and again.

One of the great things about creating buzz is it isn’t expensive. What it is and must do is call attention to your book. Your writing. YOU (the author)! Once the buzz grabs the attention, it should create excitement and wanting for your book. So how do we do that?


Yes, the dreaded “R” word. You must do your research and find your target audience. Why waste all of your wonderfulness on people who don’t want what you have to sell in the hopes of finding those few who do want it. Instead, set yourself up for success. Find large groups of your target audience and get to buzzing there. How, you ask? The web has been a great place to find pockets of target audience since well before Facebook and Twitter. Long ago before the social media craze there were Yahoo Groups, MSN Groups and other types of groups online. Find groups specific to your genre.

Many authors are focused on taking over the World Wide Web, that they forget to start at home. Find your local target audience. I love the site http://www.MeetUp.com. You can also do an Internet search for literary events and groups in your area.

Get to know the readers who love your genre and let them get to know you, because these are the most important ones who will be spreading the buzz about your book. Yes. You need to be personable. Many authors are like me. Introverts. But when I talk books, I open up. Warning, don’t just talk about your book. Show the readers you are about more than just you all the time. Show your interest in other’s works in the genre.

Compile a list of authors and bloggers who write and/or focus on your genre. Eventually you’ll be asking these folks to buzz about your book via their blogs and such.

Compile a list of reviewers for your genre.

So now that you know where to find the readers, authors, and bloggers who will buzz for you, what’s next? Give them something to buzz about.


Many years ago, when I began my publishing journey, there was no Facebook or Twitter and many people didn’t have computers or know much about going on the Internet. There were also no smart phones… It was a very different time. Though times have changed, people haven’t. They still love getting free stuff. Back in the day, I wrote several short stories and had them edited. Stories that fit my genre. As you get to know readers, give them a free story. The best are prequels to your upcoming title. Get them invested in your characters and wanting to hear their whole story. Warning: Be sure to have these edited. This is your brand. Don’t just throw anything out there. You want it to represent what they can expect to see from you. If the readers enjoy your free story, trust me, they’ll be telling other readers about it (buzzing).

I like to upload free stories at http://www.Smashwords.com then have them distribute it elsewhere. It can take MONTHS to finally appear on Amazon and BN, but I’d rather do that than give Amazon exclusivity. I also like to post the free books on my website to draw traffic there so readers can see my other titles also.


Post a sample chapter on your website. Yes, you need to have a website where you aren’t in competition with all the noise on social media. Where you control the tone and content of the pages. Of course share your sample chapter online and everywhere else people want to hear about it.


Have fun with the readers. Create contests.

A few years back, I wrote a series about four brothers. I allowed the readers to decide what order the books were written in.

I’ve had contest where I allowed readers to submit Titles for the book.

Scavenger hunts are fun. This is where you ask questions that are easy to find on your website. The reader who answers the questions correctly wins.

Stay away from contest such as rewarding for giving a review. That looks like you are paying for reviews.


Break out that list of authors and bloggers you compiled and get to making guest appearances. Write posts related to your title.


Street teams are great in some aspects but bad in others. Street teams are readers who you get to promote your book to other readers. These are great for spreading the word about your book quickly. On the other hand, many readers are starting to ignore the posts from street team members. It’s like they are starting to be considered promoters instead of readers. It’s great to have readers who are enthusiastic about your books. It’s SMART to ask them to spread the word, but if you organize a street team, make sure you don’t have them hitting the same places. Make sure they are hitting places that they usually frequent about things other than YOUR book, so when they talk about your book, it doesn’t look like they are a promoter instead of a reader.


The first thing you did was research, now go where your readers are. Everyone wants to do everything online. There’s nothing wrong with online, but when you can, get out and MEET the readers. You don’t have to conquer the world in a day or spend a lot of money. Start the buzz locally and allow it to grow organically. The readers you get to know locally usually have broader connections. You can also create events.


Obtaining reviews from review groups is a pain, but a great way to spread the word. I’m not a fan of paid reviews, but some people swear by them. Do what works for you. Obtaining reviews can take months, but go for it anyway.


When posting online, be sure to have great visuals to draw the attention of readers and be engaging. Posting a “Buy My Book” type promo falls on deaf ears. Post something of substance about a topic in your book and have a discussion. ENGAGE the readers. Keep them coming back for more and BUZZ will follow.


The most important thing about building buzz is to be genuine. I love reading and writing my genre. I am a reader first. So I always try to look at things from a reader’s point of view. Why do I tell people about so and so’s book? What draws me to so and so’s book? What will makes me want so and so’s book now? Get to know the readers and let them get to know you.

Now get out there and create some BUZZ.

Deatri King-Bey

Celebrate Reading Book Tour 2014 photos



1. Attend a book signing by your favorite author.
2. Dress up as your favorite book character.
3. Attend story time at your local library or bookstore.
4. Read to someone.
5. Organize and plan a neighborhood book exchange.
6. Listen to an audio book.
7. Write 4-page story, print copies and handout at bus stop.  
8. Spend the day at your local library.
9. Volunteer to read to people in nursing homes.  
10. Take the reading challenge: Read 15 minutes a day for 15 days.
11. Create your own bookmarker.
12. Attend a book discussion.
13.Give books as gifts.
14. Get a library card.
15.Write a letter of appreciation to  an author and mail it to them.
16.Start a book club.
17.Organize a book discussion about your favorite book.    
18.Family book night.....instead of watching TV or playing games everyone reads a book.
19.Donate books to a school or a summer program.
20.Volunteer to read stories at a summer program.
21.Purchase a book by an author you've never read.
22.Support a book event and tell your friends and family.
23.Plan a books and brunch event.
24.Purchase a book from the dollar store.
25.Share book/reading related items on social media.
26.Leave a review for a book you read.
27.Share a great book you have read with a book lover.
28.Start or finish that manuscript you've been writing.
29.Promote a new author.
30.Invite friends over for a slumber party and have a read-a-thon.
31.Plan a books and breakfast event.
32.Give dictionaries as gifts.
33.Spend the day at a bookstore.
34.Make a video review of a book and post to YouTube.
35.Read a cookbook and make a dish.
36.Start a cookbook club.  
37.Attend a book festival.  
38.Become friends with the library.
39.Write an alternative ending to your favorite book.  
40.Design a book cover.
41.Have a book & pajama drive.    
42.Eat cake designed like a book!

Copyright 2014 Rekaya Gibson, Kamel Bey, Curtis Anderson

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Celebrate Reading Book Tour. Kick off at Mermaid Winery July 5th 7-10 pm Norfolk, Virginia #support #comeoutandhaveadrink #Authorsneedlovetoo #stopbyeandsayhello #wouldlovetomeetyou #Makenzi #RekayaGibson #tellafriendtotellafriend #additionaldatesandlocationshavebeenadded #Baltimore July19th

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NEW YORK -- Best-selling author James Patterson accused online retailer Amazon of hurting the publishing industry in a speech Thursday in front of hundreds of independent booksellers.
He made his remarks while accepting an award for championing small bookstores at BookExpo America, the industry's annual convention.
Patterson said he believes "the future of our literature is in danger."
"Amazon wants to control book buying, book selling and even book publishing," Patterson said, adding that the company "sounds like the beginning of a monopoly."
Amazon is in the midst of a battle with Patterson's publisher, Hachette Book Group. In a pricing dispute, the online retailer has deliberately limited the supply of books from Hachette, including titles from Patterson and J.K. Rowling (writing as Robert Galbraith).
Amazon did not comment on Patterson's remarks, but the company has defended its stance, saying it has been unable to reach equitable terms with Hachette.
In his speech, Patterson called out the U.S. government and the news media for failing to acknowledge Amazon's actions, specifically mentioning BEA's media partners, including USA TODAY. However, USA TODAY has written about the controversy in the past week, including an article posted Wednesday.
The author's remarks are similar to a post he wrote on his Facebook page May 13. "Right now, bookstores, libraries, authors and books themselves are caught in the cross fire of an economic war," he wrote. "If this is the new American way, then maybe it has to be changed — by law, if necessary — immediately, if not sooner."
The crowd at the awards luncheon gave Patterson a standing ovation.

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I had a wonderful time today at Finding Your Vision expo, there were many inspiring speakers who placed the word in my heart for me to continue to reach for my goals. I met many wonderful ladies as well who are doing their thing. Thanks for all the support from everyone who purchased my books and stopped over to say hello and connect.   ~Makenzi

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I will be in the building signing copies of my books Wicked Attraction and Unexpected Truth. Come out and support I would love to meet you. #Makenzi

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Increase-your-sale-numbers-by-Deatri King Bey

I wanted to share this article because I struggle with my book sells just like other Indie Authors. Below are a few tips that I've used to help increase my book sales numbers ~ Makenzi

Use Your Prime Realty: How many of you include a list of your titles in your novels? I know numerous authors who do, but they put that list at the back of the book. Many readers do not continue reading to see what’s included after the novel ends. Move that list to the front matter. I experimented with this, and sells of my backlist drop when I place that list at the back of the book.
Same goes with your website. You should have a product page for each of your titles AND a page that list purchase information on all of your titles. I can’t tell you how many authors’ pages I’ve gone to that don’t have product pages or it’s hard to find the product pages for their older titles. Your website is your personal showroom.
Make It Easy For Readers To Buy Your Books: I make a few thousand in sells on Barnes & Noble a year. Nowhere near as much as I make on Amazon, but I’ll take it. One of the reasons I do okay on Barnes & Noble is I make it just as easy for readers to by my Nook titles as I do my Kindle titles. I’m shocked at how many authors only place their Amazon link or say “Available on Amazon” then forget about the other online sellers. I know numerous users of devices other than Kindle who ignore post that only say Amazon or Kindle because they figure the author must be a part of that KDP Select program where they have given Amazon exclusivity.
Work Smarter Not Harder: Direct your marketing/promo for readers in your target audience. I manage and belong to several genre specific, online readers groups. It amazes me how many authors come into the groups and post promos that do not belong to the groups’ genres. Many groups have begun blocking authors for continual promotion and promoting non-genre titles. You do not want to become a pain in the butt to readers.
Instead of joining every group that allows authors of your genre to promote, pick a few and actually participate in them. You’ll get a much higher return on your investment (more sells) than if you just pop in to promote your titles and it will take less time. That includes participating a few weeks before your book comes out, then promoting your book and disappearing. Yes, many readers pay attention to that type of thing.
Stop Spreading Yourself Too Thin: It seems like every few months there is a new type of social media out there you can use to promote. Do you know which is the best social media site to use? The one you utilize to its full extent. Each one has its own flavor. Pick the one that you like best, then focus your energy on building your fan base through that site. Once you are comfortable, if you have time, then expand to a second. Remember, each of the major social media hubs have millions of readers for you. You don’t have to be everywhere. Get the millions from the hub you find works best for you, then expand.
Cross Promote: Work with authors in your genre to cross promote. I don’t know of any reader who says they only read one author’s work, but I know many who say they only read one genre. Stop competing with each other. Readers read. Even if they don’t purchase your book today, if they want it, they will buy it.
Cross promotion is as simple as posting in social media when an author has a New Release. Have guest bloggers on your website. Do signings with other authors. Create online groups and web sites with other authors in your genre.
I’m all for cross promotion, but ensure the people you are promoting are interested in releasing as high of quality work as you do.
That’s It
There is no secret or magic behind increasing your sells. Just keep releasing quality products and building your audience. With each title, your base will grow, and you won’t have to work as hard promoting.

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Amazon Bestseller

Amazon Bestsellers: Don’t Sell Them Cheap

I found the following in an ezine article. It is such a sad definition of an Amazon.com bestseller that you might as well declare any book on Amazon.com a bestseller.
If your book sales are amongst the Top 100 in any category on Amazon, you are technically a bestseller. You don’t have to be in the Top 100 of all books. There are dozens of categories and sub-categories on Amazon, and if you achieve a sales ranking in the Top 100 in any of these, you can say you are a bestseller. Of course, it is always nice to hit the “Top 20″ or the “Top 5″ or (best of all) the #1 sales rank in one or more categories.
To declare that you are a bestseller because you hit the top 100 in any category really means that you don’t have to make any sales at all to be an Amazon.com bestseller. I think I’ll upload a 2-page bogus report on crocheting Halloween costumes. I guarantee you that I’ll be in the top 100 of Amazon for that category the second I upload that bogus report (because there aren’t 100 books in that category so it’s a guaranteed hit).
Amazon Bestsellers

I’m not going to do that because it’s a waste of my time, but I wrote the above to make a point: If you are in the top 100 for a subcategory on Amazon, you are NOT a bestseller – not by any reasonable definition of the term. A bestseller is one of the top 100 in all of Amazon or, if you are desperate — and I mean desperate — the top five in a category. Anything else is not a bestseller.
Get that out of your head.
If you want to become an Amazon.com bestseller, do the work. Deserve it. Sell some books.
There are so many bogus Amazon bestselling authors out there that to be an Amazon bestseller is now meaningless. It’s because of statements like those in the italics above that Amazon bestseller status is no longer something to be proud of. Anyone can — and does — claim such status. It is now a meaningless claim.
Because so many authors now claim to be bestsellers, even the term bestselling author is no longer a status symbol. Anyone can make the claim. It’s become meaningless. That’s sad.